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Work Order Procedures

With the increase numbers of work request being handled each year by Edgecombe County Public Schools Maintenance Department, a maintenance management software program was implimented several years ago. When you send a request to the office about a problem in your room/area, the office designee will submit it electronically to the maintenance department. At that point, this will start the email notification system in keeping you informed on the status of your request (click here to see what emails you will receive). With the number of request we handle, this procedure must be done to make sure your request is completed to your satisfaction.
Our office will assign it a status and at this point the technician will receive it on their data terminal located in their vehicle and also will receive a text message on their pager. This technology is done at no extra cost to the district using the infrastructure already in place.We have divided the county into areas to reduce the mileage driven in a day and also to have a technician close by in case of an emergency. All maintenance vehicles are equiped with GPS technology which makes it easy to locate the closest vehicle to a school  in case someone needs to be at a location quickly. This is also done at no extra cost to the district using the infrastructure already in place. Our goal is to respond to all request as quickly as possible in the most cost effective way.
David Ricks is shown looking at his tasks for the day on a data terminal located in his vehicle.


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